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Floor Cereal Rack
(64 Count)

Why Cereal-In-A-Cup?
  • Each cup contains approximately twice as much cereal as single serve boxes for a larger appetite.
  • Cereal-In-A-Cup is ready to go- just add milk and grab a spoon. MORE IMPACT
  • New Cereal-In-A-Cup is available in an assorted pack of leading brands. Every cup features eye-catching graphics to drive incremental sales. MORE PROFITABLE
  • A higher perceived value than single serve boxes, Cereal-In-A-Cup commands a higher price point and returns higher profits.
  • Generates more profit with no added expense for bowls, labor or prep time!

Calculate Your Profits
With the Cereal To Go Program, you'll be able to offer your customers the top selling brands they are looking for - which will give you the profits you are looking for.

Floor Rack